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Americans split on future of NAFTA: What about Canadians?

almost 2 years ago

Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump has suggested that the North American Free Trade Agreement costs America jobs, and that he would revoke the treaty if he becomes president. 

On Trump’s assertion that NAFTA damages the U.S. economy, a majority (63%) of Americans disagree (17% strongly/46% somewhat) that “Free Trade with Canada and Mexico is damaging the U.S. economy”, while four in ten (37%) Americans agree (11% strongly/26% somewhat) with his position.

Despite a majority disagreeing with Trump’s position, Americans are nearly equally split on whether or not they agree (48% -- 15% strongly/33% somewhat) or disagree (52% -- 14% strongly/38% somewhat) that they would “support the United States pulling out of the North American Free Trade Agreement”.

Tell us what you think about the NAFTA agreement, and Trump's position on revoking the treaty. What impact would it have on Canada?

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Les Anderson almost 2 years ago
How many people who will be reading and commenting on this article have actually read the NAFTA document? I doubt if the US government officials would allow anyone to tamper with the agreement. The revoking of the agreement would hurt the USA a lot more than it would hurt Canada. Remember, all of the multi national American big box stores appeard in Canada as a result of the NAFTA agreement. The oil and gas arrangement that stronggl favours the US would be nulified. That would open the doors for Canada, basically Western Canada, to sell its natural resources on the open market to the highest bidder. At present, tne NAFTA agreement prevents that. There are many other factors tied to the NAFTA agreement that strongly favours the US of which they would not want to lose.
Winter over 1 year ago
NAFTA killed manufacturing industry in Canada and TPP will kill everything else. For once I agree with Trump - CANCEL IT.
Bean over 1 year ago
Renegotiation of NAFTA with Trump as would be bad for Canada. Canada is guilty of many of the things that he criticizes: currency manipulation, not paying our way on defence, protectionism (supply mangement, telecommunications, transport, to name a few).Making these changes would be very good for Canadian consumers and for our competitiveness, but very wrenching for the country.
KoKoKoKwe almost 2 years ago
Mr. Trump has many lofty plans without apparent substance. He has some unusual ideas and I believe he has a sense that he has much more power than he actually has or would have as president. There are aspects of NAFTA that would benefit Canada if change occurred (softwood lumber) However, I believe the repurcussions of a Trump presidency are dangerous and impact more countries than Canada.
Les Anderson almost 2 years ago
The softwood lumber agreement between Canada & the USA has been laargly ignored by the US. This is why the World Court has had ordered the US government to pay Canada mor than 5.9 billion dollars in fines and breach of tariff trust offences. In 2004 the world court ordered the US to remove a tariff block from the SSodtwoo agagreent. To this date, the US has ignored every finding of the World Court and still maintains their illigal tariffs of Canada's softwood lumber imports. The USA does not have a great reputation for any international agreement they sign onto.