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Americans split on future of NAFTA: What about Canadians?

about 2 years ago

Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump has suggested that the North American Free Trade Agreement costs America jobs, and that he would revoke the treaty if he becomes president. 

On Trump’s assertion that NAFTA damages the U.S. economy, a majority (63%) of Americans disagree (17% strongly/46% somewhat) that “Free Trade with Canada and Mexico is damaging the U.S. economy”, while four in ten (37%) Americans agree (11% strongly/26% somewhat) with his position.

Despite a majority disagreeing with Trump’s position, Americans are nearly equally split on whether or not they agree (48% -- 15% strongly/33% somewhat) or disagree (52% -- 14% strongly/38% somewhat) that they would “support the United States pulling out of the North American Free Trade Agreement”.

Tell us what you think about the NAFTA agreement, and Trump's position on revoking the treaty. What impact would it have on Canada?

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