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Are Deficits Good, Bad or a Necessary Evil?

over 1 year ago

In anticipation of the Trudeau government’s inaugural budget on Tuesday, half of Canadians (55%) appear willing to support a modest budget deficit of $10 billion, but most oppose a deficit greater than what the Liberals pledged during last year’s election. However, six in ten Canadians (63%) say the Liberal deficit target of $10 billion during the campaign was just a ploy to get elected. Do you think deficits are good, bad or a necessary evil?

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MIke_D803 12 months ago
I do not believe you can answer this question with either a yes, nor or an necessary evil answer. As a short term goal implementing a deficit may be a useful tool to use. However, before executing or directing any type of deficit spending an end game must be agreed upon. If an "end game" is not agreed upon before execution and adhered to, then it should not be done. As we all know, the current government campaigned on running a 10 billion dollar deficit for the first four years. The campaign stated what this deficit spending was to be used for and the time period mentioned was the end game. It hasn't worked out that way. The first year 30 plus billion dollar deficit and probably the same for subsequent years. That is a poor use of tax dollars. There is no end in site and we are saddling future generations with this debt. That is just dumb. If there is no plan in place to repay this deficit spending, then it should not be done!
Ontario Conservative over 1 year ago
Deficits are bad and should be avoided whenever possible. Justin Trudeau is being reckless by wasting the taxpayers money.
KoKoKoKwe over 1 year ago
I believe the Trudeau governnment based their predictions on the belief the Conservatives had been honest about 'balancing' their last budget. We know they did not and actually just shifted monies around from veterans, youth and Aboriginals among others to appear to have done so. So, I support whatever the Liberals have to do now to set things right. By the way, I did not vote Liberal but am mostly positively impressed so far.
Les Anderson over 1 year ago
How long can you keep blaming Harper for Trudeau's failings? People knew long before JT was elected that his outlandish promises were far beyond what any government could afford. Now all Canadians are paying the price for the Liberal's promising away billions to minority and special interest groups. It's called "VOTE SUCKING".
Winter over 1 year ago
If he made "outlandish promises (that) were far beyond what any government could afford" then why did people vote for him? I think he's probably the first PM to admit that if he were elected there would be a deficit in the first budget and to be upfront about that during his campaign. Overall, I didn't vote for him and what I've seen so far has not impressed me but he did tell the truth, if elected there would be a deficit. I also agree that the Harper government concealed a lot, like the Alberta government did, and the next leader can't be blamed for that. In Alberta they knew the recession was coming 5+ years ago (50 if you look at the big picture) and yet they blame the current government for it. Like anyone was really surprised?? I believe, with our antiquated infrastructure and continued wasteful spending that budget deficits will continue, necessary or not.
Les Anderson over 1 year ago
Your comments are full of assumptions and 20/20 political hindsight. Five years ago, the price of a barrel of oil was near $91.00. How could you are anyone else predict or claim that OPEC would glut the market with sweet crude to deliberately drive down the global market price of oil. So, how can you publicly state that they knew a recession would happen in Alberta? Second, only 36.6% of Canadian voters voted for the Liberals. That's hardly a majority of Canadians. As Trudeau kept promising billions in gift hand outs to anyone who would listen to him, he had no choice but to admit there would be a deficit. If you will recall, he had promised up to $39 billion dollars in gift hand outs; then, sold the ignorant that his deficit would by around $10 billion. Now, no one can pin him down to what the deficit will actually end up being. You can bet your boots that the censor happy CBC won't divulge any negative information like that. Before you post numbers and and predictions on a public based forum, you should save yourself the embarrassment of being called out to justify or back up your comments. By the way, I am saying that you are not telling the truth when you state you are not a Liberal supporter and voter.
KoKoKoKwe over 1 year ago
I am always amazed how cons, being so convinced of their 'rightness' are so angry. If you are so right, rest in that and let go of fear.
Les Anderson over 1 year ago
So you have to bases for a fact based rebuttle. Try this one, and it's not about Harper or the
Les Anderson over 1 year ago
Sorry for the spelling screw ups. I am not used to typing on a tablet.Les
Amy over 1 year ago
There are times when deficits are a necessary evil, however, there is a huge difference between deficit and debt. Debt is not something I agree with.