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Is Canada heading in the right direction or off on the wrong track?

almost 2 years ago

The honeymoon for the new federal Liberal government is likely coming to an end. In three short months, a majority of Canadians have gone from believing that the country is heading in the right direction to believing that we are now off on the wrong track. This is the widest disparity with negatives outweighing positives since 2010. Is Canada heading in the right direction or off on the wrong track?

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AltaRealist 9 months ago
I can honestly say I am scared. Canada is falling and our government is the one pushing. I don't mind diversity to an extent but our laws and values should not be changed for the benefit of any refugee or immigrant. Live like a Canadian abide by our laws or don't move here!
ABR_GWN over 1 year ago
Unfortunately the Liberals have performed exactly as I expected - horribly!
Jim over 1 year ago
We are on the wrong track. I am sick and tired of hearing how diverse or government is I would like to know that the most qualified are running the country I don't care about there background we are paying for quality government not diverse for the sake of votes someone needs to address this problem even the provincial premier is going to have a diverse cabinet none of the premiers or our so called prime minister have discussed putting in the best people for the job
imo over 1 year ago
I did not vote Liberal but was willing to give them a chance. Never did I ever dream they would not only be fiscally irresponsible but focus on everything except what they should. They "Trudeau" has focussed primarily on reversing anything and everything his predecessor implemented. The current government may not be responsible for the state of jobs and the economy but it is what they do or don't do in a timely fashion that shows whether peoples votes were well placed. With the state of the country (jobs,industry,economy) to be simply throwing out slogans like "sunny ways"? Is entirely disrespectful to the many who have and may lose their jobs, homes and businesses.
Zeppelin54 almost 2 years ago
Canada needs more refineries as well as pipelines to tide water on east & west coasts. My answer is we are on the wrong track.
Winter almost 2 years ago
Unfortunately, and without getting too deep into topics, I would have to agree with this poll. The Liberals promised a lot to begin with but appear to be falling back into their traditional ways. I think it is time to look at election reform our system should represent the majority of voters and not be the 'first past the post' structure.