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One week later, was Trudeau's elbow incident a big deal or blown out of proportion?

over 1 year ago

While “elbowgate” has dominated headlines for a week now, a majority (63%) of Canadians believe the incident was no big deal, and it doesn’t appear to have hurt Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s approval rating which remains strong at 62%. What do you think?

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mike 6 months ago
I think Justin Trudeau is a spoiled rotten brat, with no regard for anyone but himself
Daniela Coman 9 months ago
I think that the 'Elbowgate' controversy was much about nothing. It seems it has had no impact on the party's support.
Marion E. 10 months ago
Some teacher right? Most would have been fired on the spot. Oh wait, he's a "L", entitled that is. Just like his dad. No wonder Our Country is in a financial mess that our kids will never see a positive $. What is that teaching them? He's a bad teacher & leader.
Uncle Vinny about 1 year ago
patrick65 over 1 year ago
It was a big deal. It shows how immature and unfit he is, to lead our great country. He is an embarrassment to us all. We should have recall legislation as soon as possible.
Kate over 1 year ago
Each Province should further have recall legislation ASAP :) I'm all for recall that's for sure.
markp over 1 year ago
A frame-by-frame analysis of the events in question is posted on YouTube. You can view the video by clicking on the following link. decide! Who did the attacking? Was it Trudeau? Or was it perhaps entirely orchestrated by the Opposition? Was it intentional? Or an accident?
Kate over 1 year ago
Wow just looking at your video and cannot believe how biased you're comments are. POINTS TO MAKE: (1) the woman had a SMILE ON HER FACE AND LAUGHING ARE YOU KIDDING ME?(2) Looking over to see if SHE'S DOING A GOOD JOB...AGAIN ARE YOU KIDDING ME?(3) JUSTIN WHO FALLS FOR THE TRAP? Insert laughter DEMOCRACY NOT at it's finest...he wanted the VOTE done and QUICKLY to push an agenda without DEMOCRACY(4) Justin should of stayed in his SEAT period!(5) BARELY touched was she and you can tell the FORCE OF IT and hitting her BREAST from this? Ever been hit the nads there buddy? (6) THE WHIP had the entire LEFT SIDE in the Video to walk by why didn't he USE IT?(7) The Speaker of the House could have intervened and let's not forget The formal role of a sergeant-at-arms in modern legislative bodies is to keep order during meetings, and, if necessary, forcibly remove any members who are overly rowdy or disruptive. A sergeant-at-arms may thus be a retired soldier, police officer, or other official with experience in an overhead angle do ya? Got the knowledge of how much force Justine was using? Tell us pray tell! PFTT!
osborne over 1 year ago
A false flag to distract from what was being protested by the opposition parties: interference with democratic processes such as discussion regarding the complex issue at hand.
Klocke77 over 1 year ago
It's a distraction. They have better things to fight about in The House.
Claude over 1 year ago
The accident itself was no big deal. We pay these people to work and to pass the bill that are submitted to them. The person to blame in this incident was Mulcair which was disruptive and prevented another member to take is seat .
KoKoKoKwe over 1 year ago
I think Trudeau was concerned about time, but should have kept his place. His misdeed was in touching the Opposition Whip. However, as much as we all may regret the elbow and resultant 'traumatizing' of the NDP MP, that was an accident . The PM apologized repeatedly. The gracious thing would have been for the NDP MP to publicly accept the apology and all of us should move on. Mr. Vickers on the other hand.......
Les Anderson over 1 year ago
Though I am not Trudeau fan by any means, I think the entire episode has been blown out of proportions. I am surprised that the "poor victim" did not throw herself over the handrail and fake a life threatening injury. It's all politics!
chirpEMF over 1 year ago
That was no elbow. Have you heard of The Rock? Have you heard of The People's Elbow? THAT is an elbow!! Kidding. This is old news. Feels like it was 2-3 months ago. The NDP were physically blocking the Conservative Whip from getting to his seat. Trudeau tried to physically move the Whip. The NDP should not have done what they did. Trudeau should not have done what he did. One was calculated. One was impulsive. Both were stupid... but neither are a big deal. Tiny, stupid moments. That's all. I thought the Conservatives handled it very maturely all around. I thought Trudeau's immediate, repeated, heartfelt, contrite, and sincere apologies were exactly what was needed, and really closed the door on this for me. But, finally... the stupidest thing of all... the most immature, fake, and ridiculous thing... the NDP reaction. yes, it is unfortunate that someone got accidentally hurt during this, but the NDP were the very definition of hyperbole in their reaction. over-the-top, man. and silly. back when my kids were kids ... and one of them accidentally but barely hurt the other one and he'd cry and wail... i'd tell the one to say sorry and the other to stop blaming and crying because it was only an accident. the NDP were acting like my kids when they were 10... no wait, when they were 3!
Nan over 1 year ago
Since one of Trudeau's pledges was to bring back civility in Parliament, his behaviour was a great error in judgment, fed by his emotions (anger that he did not get his own way). I am a huge Justin supporter, and I was disappointed at his lack of control. It was not his role to intervene in the NDP's "blockade", and he should never have left his seat. I remember his father's hot temper often got him into trouble, and the media ate it up!! I think it was blown somewhat out of proportion, and that it was a good lesson for him to maintain control when necessary. I hope he will learn. The elbow blow was accidental, and he was truly contrite and apologized profusely, several times. I believe he was truly appalled that the blow itself occurred, and that he had lost his temper in such a way. I hope he will not repeat his error in judgment, and that his advisors will help him to keep his emotions in check.
Hjay over 1 year ago
The issue is and should be Trudeau's behaviour in Parliament. The "elbow" may be no big deal but his behaviour is disgusting. If media had dealt with the behaviour rather than the elbow incident there may have been a different public response.
Dobrt over 1 year ago
IMO, the "elbowgate" is a red herring. The loss of control of Trudeau in the HOC is the real story. Also the fact news media and this site use the phrase "% of Canadians" when in fact it's only a "% of Canadians polled".Really the effects of this "incident" on Trudeau is greatly dependant on who you ask and which aspect of the incident they deem most important. The fact is had Trudeau acted with the decorum of a true Prime Minister none of this would be news at all.As far as my opinion goes, this only adds to my disappointment in the performance of Trudeau as I look at the 17 broken promises so far as the greatest factor in my disapproval.
Winter over 1 year ago
I don't approve of PM Trudeau but I believe that parts of this incident were blown way out of proportion for the press. The error was not when he bumped into the female MP, it was that the Prime Minister crossed the floor and intervened at all. The Speaker of the House had lost order and it is their fault the incident occurred.
Grant over 1 year ago
Non-issue. The biggest outcome is yet another reminder of the childish and disrespectful nature of some of our "honourable" members of Parliament. Yes, I'm looking at you and your cohorts Mr. Mulcair.
elteeca9 over 1 year ago
I think the whole incident is evidence of the intolerance of the political left. First the NDP blocked the Conservative whip in an effort to interfere with the voice of conservatism. Then the Liberal Prime Minister of Canada demonstrated his own intolerance of any voice other than his own by grabbing at the conservative voice in the matter (displaying improper conduct by putting his hand on a representative of another party) then by elbowing the NDP member out of his way. Not blown out of proportion - simply the wider implications ignored by "progressive" left-leaning media.
Mucho over 1 year ago
Crazy stuff the NDP started it by blocking the conservative whip. Trudeau should have offered his help before helping the conservative. Not entirely conclusive but slow motion on the female in question appears she might have stepped into the path of Trudeau and his "flying elbow". This was really blown out of proportion. The kids in the sandbox should either grow up or resign. Really a disgraceful situation by the NDP will never trust them again.